Flowers Are Better Than Diamonds

During special occasions, most men are caught in a dilemma of selecting the perfect gift for their dearest women. We own a flower Thailand network where many people send a flower gift to Thailand for birthdays and more. Commonly, men are compelled to buy expensive gifts like gadgets, signature perfumes and clothing, and jeweleries made of precious stones like diamond for they think that women would be most happy to receive them. But what if you are confined to a limited budget such that you cannot afford those gifts? By reading the rest of the article, be prepared to know the reason why a flower gift is a better alternative to expensive gifts like diamonds.

1. Flowers don’t hurt your pocket at all – they are either cheap or free.

Flowers are abundant in nature. As such, if you don’t have enough money to buy flowers that are sold by florists – you can always pick some from Mother Nature. There are many sources where you can probably pick an enough bunch. Ask your kind neighbour to give you some. Roadsides, mountain slopes, and nearby prairies may also be good sources. Your girlfriend or wife will be more than happy to receive the flowers because they knew you really exerted effort to pick them.

2. Flowers are earth’s friends – they are also non-toxic.

Another reason why flowers are considered better gifts is due to their harmless characteristics. Their assortment of colours and their fresh fragrances can captivate anyone’s heart – especially women. Unlike other gifts that contribute to the worsening problems associated with improper waste disposal – flowers are the exact opposite. This is because flowers are biodegradable and can decompose in a few days.

3. Flowers are languages themselves – various colours and species convey different messages.

According to the traditions which were passed down from the ancient times, flowers relay different messages. The modern times adopted the concept very well. As such different colours of flowers as well as their various species are interpreted in diverse meanings. Red roses represent tender love and affection. Pink roses are used to denote passion and romance. Yellow flowers are commonly given to family and friends to signify the Philia principle of love. White flowers show sympathy and are thus usually given to those who are sick or to those who are grieving.

4. Flowers can be mixed with other items – they add meaning and value.

Flowers have always been a part of gift-giving ideas. Due to this, flowers are almost always readily available in gift shops. They can perfectly match any gift item to add more meaning. For instance, flowers can always match chocolates and stuffed toys.

5. Flowers can be given to anyone – even to a guy!
The times have really changed fast. Flowers that are traditionally given to women as gifts can now be given as gifts to men – without creating much fuzz or issue. You just have to add masculinity to them. Add green flowers like cymbidium orchids and carnations or choose flowers that have spicy, musky, or earthy scents like delphinium, lupine and bluebells. Arrange them in simple ways and absent of any effeminate designs.

Flowers aside from being timeless gifts can be regarded as cheaper and better ways to make your loved ones happy. They may not have the complexities of gadgets, or the brilliance of diamonds – but they reflect love and affection in their simplest and purest forms.

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