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In the year 1860, Edouard Heuer founded the world famous company Tag Heuer. Their original product range were luxury sports watches and chronographs. Their excellent quality goods, several awards and word of mouth brought them to the success they have today. In the early 1960’s they produced the world’s first automatic chronograph, adding to their already exponentially increasing popularity. The newly launched Tag Heuer frames and Tag Heuer spectacles collections are also quite popular.

With more and more success over the years; Tag Heuer began to produce mobile phones and fashion eyewear alongside their watches collection. It was a huge sensation and became a best-seller almost instantly amongst the mass market. Several of today’s biggest celebrities choose to wear Tag Heuer frames including; Marc Anthony and Maria Sharapova. There are already hundreds of Tag Heuer boutiques and stores across the world including the major fashion city centres; London, Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo.

The Tag Heuer frames both look and feel fantastic for the wearer with their durable and comfortable structure. Each frame is made with the best quality raw materials available and is manufactured through a strict quality control process supervised by qualified experts. There are a huge variety of bold, refined and loud designs and colours available in the range in order to ensure that there is something for everyone with the Tag Heuer frames and spectacles collection.

Nowadays more and more people choose to apply anti-glare and anti-scratch coats onto their lenses. The anti-glare reduces any distracting reflections on your eyewear that my otherwise distort your range in vision. Having an anti-scratch coating will ensure your lenses are safe from permenant marks affecting your range of vision. Having both of these applied onto your eyewear will provide the best healthcare for your eyes and will increase accuracy of vision correction and protection. 

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