Beginners guide to running

So you want to get into running? You have made a great choice. While there are more similar activities that you can get involved in to get fit and healthy, running is one of the handier options as it is something that you can do wherever you go, anytime. And while it isn’t for everyone either, there are lots of good benefits to be had from running regularly.

Here’s a brief primer on everything running. Get familiarized with the fundamentals of the hobby from running attire, to setting your program pace suitably.

Getting Started on Running

One of the first things that you will need to to settle inside yourself is the reason you need to start running. To be able to achieve the results that you desire out of the activity, you’ll need to know why you want to get involved in it first so as to set a long term goal for yourself. It actually makes a difference when you know why you’re doing what you do, and you know definitely what you are working at. Whether it’s to lose weight, get more fit or feel happier about yourself, identify your final goal and set it in your mind.

Once you have that goal in place , the next thing you need to do is to get ready for the actual running. Step 1 toward doing that is to get geared up for the activity. Running comprises donning certain clothes that can help you maximise your running sessions and hinder you from annoying discomforts or injuries. It can not be stressed enough how vital it is to wear the right running gear, from the attire to your selection of shoes. This spells the difference between a productive running session and one that leads to an injury or a sprain.

The Real deal on Correct Running Gear

So how then do you go about choosing the proper running gear for you? The first stop certainly would be your shoes. Running involves a large amount of footwork, and so wearing the wrong shoes can bring you take a fall or have a sprain while running. There really are shoes that are especially designed for running, so it is very important to go to speciality stores and sports shops that have these in stock. Ask about the running shoes that they offer. Since it is your first time, it may be sensible to stick to more popular brands that are known for their running shoes line, such as Adidas and Nike.

Make sure that you fit your shoes and walk or jog around in them before buying them. The way that they fit your feet whilst standing or sitting still may be different from how they’ll mold themselves around your feet during movement, and that’s the more important part. You’ll need to find out how they’re going to feel while you are moving around. And regardless of if you are only able to do a little bit of this for a short period in the store, make sure that you give it a couple of minutes ‘ trial. This’ll help you get a feel of the shoes and if it appears cushty enough for running.

Even if you already know your shoe size, be open to the possibility that you may feel more comfortable in the size next to it for running purposes. Therefore, when you do try on your running shoes, try the next sizes to it just for comparison purposes. You might find that the next size may be more conducive for the activity that you’re going to be engaging in as well.

That’s it for the shoes, now once you have invested in a great pair of jogging shoes, the next things that you are going to have to get are your running clothing. A good running wardrobe is essential to anyone that comes to a decision to make running a daily or regular activity. You need clothes that are comfortable on you, yet will not impede your speed or your movement while running. Again, there are certain types of clothes that cater to runners, and these are the pieces that you’ll wish to spend some money on.

If you do not have the budget to invest in professional running attire, then you can decide to wear a simple t-shirt and shorts. Nonetheless make sure that they are going to allow you to move around freely and comfy. Don’t decide to wear loose shorts, as this can affect your speed and ease of movement. Similarly, don’t wear a snug top, as this will prove to be uncomfortable for you. Ensure that the attire you pick provide you room to breathe, while at the same time, permit you to run at the speed you need without feeling constricted by what you are wearing.

Setting Up A Personal Running Programme

Now comes the most critical part, creating for yourself a running programme that will help you in achieving your precise goals. Again, it’s really important that prior to getting to this part, you have just established your objectives for running. The reason behind running will then define the pattern of your running program, as you will need it to target that specific goal of yours.

Since this is your very first time to run, it will help if you start in baby steps to get you warmed-up for the activity. You can begin your running programme with brisk 10-minute runs around a particular area to get you moving, then alternate 30 seconds of running with 30 seconds of brisk walking to set your pace. You can do this three times per week (running everyday is not strongly recommended, especially for a first time runner as this can not maximize your strength and condition) to begin with. Do not forget to watch your pace, a sign that you’re not pacing yourself properly is if you can’t even talk or converse whilst moving. This means that you are wearing yourself out too quickly, far earlier than your body is actually capable of. If you experience this, slow done and let your body adjust to the pace first. Something that would help you in controlling this is a heart rate monitor watch, it will help you to measure your pulse rate in real time and they ussually come with alot more features. Polar is one of the number 1 firms in excellent heart rate monitor watches e.g the Polar FT7F.

Follow this pattern regularly and conscientiously and you ought to be able to up your running time to 20-30 minutes by the end of the month. Remember that at the beginning, your focus shouldn’t be on how long you have been running, but the quality of your run. Start lengthening your laps only when you have passed that initial stage.

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