BJJ Tips- Three Drills For Developing Third Point Pressure In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts have amazing control of pressure. If you want to reach that level you have to begin developing that skill now. MMA in MD students have the ability to apply pressure that would make you want to tap and it is the worst feeling in the world. Third Point Pressure is the name of that technique. Third Point Pressure is a skill that is better to be learned throughout your Brazilian jiu-jitsu career.  It is so valuable to have in your repertoire because it opens you up with the ability to do so many different attacks. You will feel very dominant when you realize how much control you have over your opponent because of the pressure you are applying to them. Don’t think that you have to be bigger than your opponent to be able to apply the Third Point Pressure to your opponent.

Developing the skill to apply Third Point Pressure on anybody requires patience and drilling time. Maryland jujitsu schools develop their student in three stages. There are three stages you have to go through to be a champion at applying the pressure. The first stage is to drill your Third Point Pressure on a stability ball. Keep your body attached to the ball while applying downward pressure. Pretend the stability ball is a person so move completely around the ball as you would your opponent. Your knees should never be on the ground and all your weight should feel like it is in the area that is connected to the ball. The second level is to work that drill on a ball the size of a medicine ball. The surface area is smaller so your weight distribution has to be concentrated as you balance around the ball. Maneuvering your pressure around a tennis ball is the final level of Third Point Pressure development. This will seem impossible at first to most but it can be done if you stay on your toes and focus on your pressure. Women self defense classes emphasizes this kind of pressure to keep larger opponent down.










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