Don’t Make The Same Mistake 80% Of People Make When Buying Contact Lenses

If you happen to be a daily contact lens wearer and you’re accustomed to getting your contact lenses from your optometrist or eye doctor you are most likely over spending. This is precisely what I used to do for several years.

Now I’ve discovered a better way and figured out how to save a lot of money on my contact lens every time. I buy them by combining a pair of specific techniques.

1. Buy Them On the internet
2. Make use of Rebates

Shopping On-line

The first slip-up, is to simply get your contacts from your optometrist. They simply get contacts in small batches and so do not get any savings on bulk orders. Hence, if you buy your contacts from them you will not be saving as much as you should. The most sensible thing to do, is to do some research and look for websites online that buy contact lenses in large quantities and can therefore pass the savings on to you. There are hundreds of sites like this around, you simply have to do some digging. For instance, you can try out 1-800 contacts or if you’re in Europe you could test out Eurolens. By making use of online contact lens distributors you can honestly save up to 70% off your next purchase. And these do not just apply to regular old disposable lenses but also cover specialized contact lenses like color lenses, lenses for astigmatism, bifocal contact lenses and more.

Making use of Rebates

Applying rebates are an excellent approach to saving a great deal of cash on your contacts. By doing a little bit of research online you can find a lot of brands that offer awesome rebates on your purchases. For instance, I personally use Acuvue Oasys contacts and I am sure to at all times take advantage of the rebate that Acuvue gives out. If you are a brand-new customer it is possible to up to $100 off your purchase. If you’re a returning user you can get $25 off every time you buy a fresh set of contacts boxes. When you bring together the rebate with shopping online you really cut the cost down greatly.

I hope you benefit from these tips to save big-time on your next contact lens purchase.

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