Fly Fishing Tackle Summary: The Hardy Bougle MK VII (MK7) Reel

When the subject is fly fishing tackle, I can be a bit of a curmudgeon. What’s a curmudgeon? Well, I read in an old dictionary that this is a person with a grouchy, quick-tempered, tetchy attitude who has lots of stubborn ideas. I very much like the description, “stubborn ideas” as I take this to mean I am in favour of the conventional, demonstrated means of fly fishing. Over a period of time, this tetchy fisherman has bought a large collection of fishing supplies, but no matter what, I return to purchasing Hardy products. Read further to get a short summary of my one of my preferred products: the Bougle MK VII (MK7) reel.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Bougle MK VII (MK7) Reel

With a price tag of roughly £429.00, the MK VII surely would be a sizeable outlay for numerous fishermen. However, I far prefer owning a few pieces of quality fly fishing tackle than a large quantity of cheaply-priced fishing supplies which are going to fall short on performance at the most crucial time. The Bougle’s frame, spool, and plate are constructed from durable 6061 aluminium. Being curious, I found some information about 6061 aluminium, and discovered that it is a sturdy aluminium alloy containing magnesium and also silicon as its chief alloying components. 6061 aluminium has got excellent mechanical substances and is additionally effortless to weld. Such features place it among the most widely used aluminium alloys for day to day use. Therefore, it pleased me to find out it was implemented in the MK VII fishing reel.

Fly Fishing Tackle: More Facts Concerning the Hardy Bougle MK VII (MK7) Reel

Still another high-quality factor as far as the putting together of this fishing reel is that this aluminium is polished first, then anodised; this gives the highest degree of protection. Note that if you have different reels from the MK line of products such as I do, you need to recognise that the spools are interchangeable between the MK4, MK5, and MK6 fishing reels. Also, the Bougle MK VII is equipped with ball race made from stainless steel for exceptionally smooth performance. It has a powerful, turning line guard which is nickel silver. The reel’s click check system sounds great to my ears, plus it comes with an excellent, wide range. The makers at Hardy have produced one of the best with this fishing reel; this is even true for a serious angler like I am. It is simple to adjust it from left-handed winding to right-handed winding. This reel’s back is held on via a sturdy dovetail fit and also a couple of deterioration-defiant stainless steel screws. This MK VII will carry approximately 225m of line. The reel has a 101m diameter, and a 256g weight.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Regarding the Layout of the Bougle

Over a century ago, a fisherman by the name of Louis Bougle asked The Hardy company to design a light reel with a line capacity that could entertain the lighter fishing rods of this epoch. Henceforth, the Bougle line of products emerged; they were primarily seen in Hardy’s 1903 catalogue. This great design has altered very little since that time, other than a few enhancements by the Hardy engineers. With the same feel and look of the organisation’s highly revered MK IV model, the MK VII, with its high quality facets, is a categorically advanced take on a conventional Hardy fly fishing tackle design and style. I’m happy to recommend it without reservations.

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