Mission Hockey Goalie G.7 Inline Skate – Senior

Mission Hockey Goalie G.7 Inline Skate

The Mission Hockey senior Goalie G.7 Inline Skate: You asked for it… they put the best to work designing it.

* Full Motion Heel: Side-to-side, tenders need both power and flexibility. The Full Motion Heel (FMH) does just that: Offering more flexibility and free motion, yet built with full ankle support for stronger push-offs and lateral movements
* Frontload chassis: Front loaded technology keeps goalies in a ready stance, perfectly balanced on the balls of the feet for optimum balance and stability. Frontload chassis technology accommodates both 47mm or 59mm wheel set-ups
* Quarters: Nylon tech mesh
* Liner: Sublimated “Mission Haze” brushed nylon with ankle pockets
* Tongue: Felt tongue
* Cowling: Injected TPR molded black cowling
* Chassis: 6000 Series CNC extruded Aluminum Frontload 4 wheel chassis
* Wheel: RINK RAT 59mm Crossbar goalie wheel XXX Grip 76A
* Bearing: MISSION ABEC 5 608
* Width: D, EE
* Sr Sizes: 6-11.5 (Full and Half), 12 (Full Size Only)
* Item: 450-1037630

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