Celebrity 90 Ski 2012 Womens

Line Celebrity 90 Ski 2012

Separating work from play comes easy when you’re on the Line women’s Celebrity 90 Ski 2012. This super light and nimble easy liven’ ski puts the fun back into it! Its 90mm width provides a stable platform to stand on for better balance and keeps you effortlessly on top of whatever comes at you. The award winning geometry, light weight Macroblock wood core & snappy Composite Matrix construction will have you feeling like these skis are just an extension of your feet for a level of control, never felt before.

* 4D Fibercap Construction
* Early Rise Tip 5cm x 1mm
* Composite Matrix
* Aspen Macroblock Core
* P-Cut Geometry
* Directional Flex
* Sintered Fatty Base & Edge
* Waist width: 90mm
* Length cm: 151, 158, 165
* Shape mm: 125-90-113
* Sidecut m: 14.2 (165cm)
* Stance mm: -77 (165cm)
* Weight: 1,534 grams
* Item: 1684-CELEBRITY12

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