Quantum Snowboard 2012 Mens

Flow Quantum Snowboard 2012

The Flow men’s Quantum Snowboard 2012: Flow’s Quantum is Scotty Lago’s trusted snowboard for every riding condition. Check out Scotty’s podium standings and know that he was riding the Quantum which features a TruTwin shape, Whiskey Rocks construction, Sintered 4000 base, and all new Whiskey Shooter carbon reinforcement for massive pop. Live Free or Die is Scotty Lago’s home state motto and Scotty delivers on that everytime he’s on the mountain.

* Pop-Cam: A three-phase camber to make the most fun cambered snowboard on the market. Under the feet is a traditional camber that is flatbetween the bindings for added grip on ice, better float on the pow and to lock onto rails, while the tips are mellow for a more forgiving ride. Pop where you need it!
* Reflex Core: Flow’s lightest and most responsive core gives you the highest strength-to-weight wood construction known to man. Focused response where you need it, and more low-to-mid-density woods in specific locations throughout the board increase strength while decreasing weight, and make your ride all that much easier
* Whiskey Rocks: All new Whiskey Rocks tech increases agility while adding pop and grip. Four Basalt plates beneath the heel and toe areas directs the rider’s energy to the board’s key control surfaces and doubles the breaking strength to increase edge hold in all conditions with a Cadillac feel
* All New Whiskey Shooter: Uses 4 precured carbon plates with a unique shape that tapers into the tips in a reverse “V” for the most pop without chatter while freeing up the nose and tail for any transition, rough terrain, and heavy pressing
* Quadrax (Formulated Fiber Reinforcement) The 0/+30/-30/90 fiberglass & carbon orientation increases pop with the majority of fibers running tip-to-tail giving you stability and torsional freedom between the feet while distributing binding pressure over a larger area from the 30 degree axis fibers for a more natural flexing ride that can’t be reached with Triax
* Sintered 4000: Speed, wax absorption and durability are the main ingredients of the Sintered 4000. This is done through focusing on quality over speed-robbing additives. For an even faster base, the Graphite Sintered 4000 only has speed on its mind
* Dual Transitional Sidecut: The DT Sidecut utilizes a combination of two radii. First, a tight radius for quick, responsive carves is blended into a mellow radius right before the nose and tail of the board for rough terrain, high speeds and the forgiveness you need while jumping
* True Twin: The essence of shape for a park board. Equdistant amounts of nose and tail allow a rider equal opportunity to ride their naural direction or switch
* Item: 1140-FD11M2QUAN

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