Synergy EQ20 Stick 85 Flex

Easton Synergy EQ20 Stick 85 Flex

The Synergy EQ20 Stick 85 Flex has low kick-point Synergy construction.

* Forgiving blade for greater feel and puck control
* Ribbed blade increases stiffness for greater accuracy
* Focus Weight Technology:
* Control: Engineered to keep the puck on your blade to control the game
* PASS: Redistributes and focuses weight in the ultra-light blade to catch the toughest passes
* Shoot: Delivers more power and velocity making your shot unstoppable
* Balance: Weight at the end of the stick counter balances the blade for optimal swing weight
* Customizable: Weighted end cap is adjustable to optimize balance at any length. Fully customizable from 6.5-26.5 grams
* Item: 64-A187233

This is why we are promoting Paragon Sports for your purchase of the Easton Synergy EQ20 Stick 85 Flex today. They are a qualified seller, and they give you free shipping in the continential United States on orders above $50. In addition, their website is secure and they have a great customer service.

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